A/B Testing with Microinteractions

Backyard Brains E-commerce Website


Led and implemented the UX design and development of microinteractions with A/B testing that increased ecommerce conversion rates by 162%



User Experience Designer



After doing a expert review audit on backyardbrains.com, as an intern, one of the solutions that was immediately implemented is the recommended solution for increasing e-commerce conversion rates by reducing ambuguity in choice-making.

Knowing the content of the startup-- which has struggling resources and structure to follow formal procedures and processes, I suggested to the CEO, "Why don't I do this for you now?"

Of course there were contingencies to this. I implemented an A/B testing which measured the conversion rates of original "Shop Now" and "Read More" versus a button that simply said "Shop Now" 


2,084 Experiment Sessions

16 days of data

100% users included



7.02% new conversion rate from 2.68%

97.9% outperformance

161.96% compared to the original