Patricia Puno, UX Designer

Hello there–👋😎

Patricia Puno is designing the future of autonomous vehicle management.


I’m living the dream—solving challenging problems in web, mobile, emerging technologies and their platforms. Here’s my best work:


I currently work as a UX designer at Aptiv Connected Services, designing autonomous vehicle management. On my free time, I help the tech scene in Ann Arbor grow.


Here are some of the awesome companies I took part in for the last few years. I thank them for being part of my journey to become a better designer. They also have some nice things to say:  


"Patricia was hands down the best intern I've ever worked with. Her work ethic was phenomenal and I could always count on her to deliver. She was great at learning on her feet and just taking a project and running with it as fast as she could. She is an asset to any team lucky enough to have her!"

Jennifer Scroggins, Front-end developer
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I'm always reading, tweeting, and writing about design. I also tinker with code and speak my love for the web to anyone who's willing to listen.


I'm interested in various subjects, particularly in pioneer products, cognitive economics, and technology management. I’m passionate about how technological innovations changes not only end users, but also businesses, and their processes. I'm learning so much that I write about them too: